About Us

Vision and Mission of Charis Peninsular Malaysia Service of Communion


To live fully the Life in the Spirit, which is rooted in the communion of the Trinity and in solidarity with the Church, the whole human family and creation.



To foster the grace of Pentecost, including the exercise of charisms as an integral part of normative Christian living.
To deepen the process of Christian discipleship in the Church through on-going conversion, inner healing, daily prayer, daily reading of the Word of God, catechesis, frequent reception of the Sacraments and daily embracing the Cross of Christ.
To deepen the spirit of communion in the Church through participation in the BEC’s, dialogue and collaboration with the Church leadership and networking of charismatic renewal groups and ministries.
To witness Christ by our lifestyle, proclamation, ecumenical & inter-religious dialogue and service to the poor and marginalized.

Our Logo

Dove – Symbol of the Holy Spirit

Blue – The color Blue represent spirituality

Our Core Team

His Eminence Cardinal
Dato’ Seri Sebastian Francis

Episcopal Advisor

Mr. Simon Matthew

Mr. Matthew Cheah

Ms. May Lee

Mr. Richard Lai

Mr. Robert Irithiadas


  • Kuala Lumpur AST Ecclesiastical Assistant : Rev. Fr. Clement Lim
  • Kuala Lumpur AST Secretary : Mr. John Chooi
  • Kuala Lumpur AST BM Representative : Mr. Terence Antoine Zavier & Ms. Monalisa Charles Alidin
  • Kuala Lumpur AST English Representative : Ms. Christina Loh
  • Kuala Lumpur Mandarin : Mr. Matthias Yip & Mr. Paul Lee
  • Kuala Lumpur AST Tamil Representative : Mr. Terence Daniel & Mr. Noel Devan
  • Malacca-Johore Spiritual Advisor : Rev. Fr. Paul Sia
  • Malacca-Johore DST Chairman : Mr. Richard Hendricks : Rev. Fr. Paul Sia
  • Malacca-Johore DST Vice Chairman/English Rep. : Mr. John De Souza
  • Malacca-Johore BM Spiritual Director : Rev. Sr. Magdalena Kopong FSIC
  • Malacca-Johore BM Representative : Mr. Jones Uchat
  • Malacca-Johore Mandarin Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. Jason Wong
  • Malacca-Johore Tamil Spiritual Director : Rev. Deacon Offic Joseph Velangany
  • Malacca-Johore Tamil Representative : Mr. Navin George
  • Penang DST Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. Louis Loi
  • Penang DST Head of CCR : Ms. Adeline Teh
  • Penang DST Chairman : Mr. Sebastian Pillai
  • Penang DST Tamil Representative : Mr. Jesudas Sinappan
  • Penang DST Mandarin Representative : Ms. Caroline Lum